We do the actual funding, there's no middle man.

We guarantee very fast and completely discrete handling of all your files. Our team is available day and night – because funding your merchant is our highest priority. Currently we are only funding C and D "BAD CREDIT" merchants, and any merchants that need down to a 6th position of funding. We allow you to put your company LOGO on our contracts. We also allow white labeling, however that would require serious volume commitment. Nationwide funding in the contiguous 48 states.


Alpha Capital Source (ACS) is a dynamic direct Merchant Cash Advance “funder” located in New York. We fund with our own funds. We aren’t brokers. We make the decision and we provide you with the funds that your merchants need. We are extremely quick with our approvals and extremely quick with our funding. Get an approval in the morning and fund in the afternoon. We are funding A – D paper and 1st through any position as long as it makes sense.
Our main focus is on higher risk deals but we fund any type of deal. We also buy out current positions and we will allow weekly payments where the daily balances allow it. Out underwriting process is very aggressive and we will approve many deals that our competitors won’t. If you are an ISO looking for a direct funder that’s also very quick to respond to your submissions, and a funder that says “YES” more often than the rest, please go to our ISO partner page to apply for a partnership.


Alpha Capital Source is completely ISO driven. We are set up to work with our ISO and not with merchants. With that in mind, we know that speed is of essence and we will deliver with speed. Whether it’s the approval, clearing stips for closing, and the funding itself, we will get it done quickly.
• We have same day funding. Our closing department is open until 9 pm EST!
• Extremely aggressive approvals on very high-risk deals.
• We are funding almost EVERY industry (with the exception of other financial and lending institutions, law firms and Staffing).
• Not credit sensitive! Our main focus is the bank statement and not the credit.
• Allow up to 11 negative days in a month on the first of the 3 month bank statements!
• Up to 15 NSF’s over a 3-month period and more if there’s strong overdraft protection!
• We allow weeklies where it’s feasible.
• Double digit commissions on all deals.
• Renewals are at regular commissions!
• Renew or an add on as early as just 25% through the payment process!
• Commissions paid out the day after funding!
• Bonuses for high volume!

Very fast approvals! Bare minimal paperwork! Same day funding!

From when we receive your file, you will typically have a response within 1-3 hours. Very often in even less than one hour. All we need is the last 3 months of bank statements. Same day funding is available upon receiving signed contracts. You get paid the day after funding! 


Please click the page Our Lenient Guidelines to see all the details about our basic guidelines

We are very flexible with our guidelines. We will always listen to why your file is different and deserves to be funded, even if it doesn't meet our minimal guidelines!

We often fund deals that were declined by other C and D paper MCA companies. If there's a reasonable, verifiable story that explains the situation, we will seriously consider funding any merchant.